Soil Health

Soil health is a hot topic throughout agriculture.  Nearly every recent ag magazine has featured articles discussing: cover crops, soil health, nutrient management, and environmental conservation.  However, the work so far has resulted in few answers and the question remains: "What about my farm and improving my soil health?"  

Historically agriculture has focused on the living organisms that we can see; pulling ahead of the pack, Continuum Ag is shifting the focus to the organisms on the microscopic level.

In one teaspoon of soil there can live one billion microbes and by improving their living conditions you can regenerate the balanced environment once found in the native prairies.  Farm management practices today cover a wide spectrum.  In each operation improvements can be made in order to be more efficient and profitable.  

How can continuously increasing yield goals be achieved?  How does nutrient availability change during the year and how can it be influenced as to not lose nutrients and money?

Soil health testing can help you learn about your farm and quantify the current status of many soil parameters.  Continuum Ag has the tools, methods, and know-how to make soil health an accessible and important tool to improve progressive agriculture in the 21st century.  

Join us today to Collect data assessing your current soil status, Compare your results with peers locally and around the world, and Capitalize on your management practices and efforts!


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