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Continuum Ag, LLC

Mitchell Hora - Owner


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108 West Main Street

Washington, Iowa 52353


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About Us

Continuum Ag is an agriculture consulting and data management company with a focus on soil health.  Utilizing top technologies, growers can learn to better allocate resources in order to optimize every acre and improve return on investment.  It is important to farm smarter and Continuum Ag is leading the way.


Continuum Ag was started by Mitchell Hora in early 2016.  We are based out of Washington, Iowa but serve growers, consultants, and agribusinesses throughout Iowa, the Midwest, and the world.  

Cover Crops

Want to utilize cover crops but don't have time or equipment?


Continuum Ag can help!


We offer custom cover crop drilling in the Washington County area.  Work is being done to pinpoint the benefits of using cover crops and Continuum Ag can help you manage conservation practices on your farm.  

Soil biology loves constant, living, roots and cover crops can be the answer for your farm!


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Aerial Imagery

It is amazing how images from the sky can paint a new perspective of agricultural fields.  Continuum Ag offers aerial imagery so you can expand your vantage point.


One of the biggest issues facing agriculture today is the disconnect with the public and a poor public perception.  Continuum Ag partners with agribusinesses and ag organizations to improve the public view of agriculture.  Through the utilization of drone imagery, Continuum Ag can help you highlight progressive farmers, sustainable farming, and stewardship.  Connecting the public and the farm with videos and drone imagery is a great way to improve the face of agriculture.  Continuum Ag is here to help.



Precision equipment and ever advancing technologies have reshaped agriculture for the 21st century.  Continuum Ag offers services to help your operation grow and become more successful.  Being efficient is important and those who can do more with less will excel.  Continuum Ag offers the following services to help your operation succeed!


-Zone Management

-Soil Sampling

-Variable Rate Seed and Fertilizer Prescriptions

-Tissue Sampling

-Data Cleaning and Management

-Crop Scouting

-Return on Investment Analysis

-Manure Sampling


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